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Welcome to your dog friendly holiday in Whitby

We know your Dog is a very important member of your family. Going on holiday without him just isn't an option . From experience and visitors feedback, we also know search and find dog friendly can be a long, tedious task. We decided to address this flaw for tourists who would like to bring their dog on holiday to Whitby.

Open For Dogs
Owners Welcome naturally!

We know there is a significant number of holiday accommodation here in Whitby where pets are welcome. So we have highlighted a variety just for you. We've also added an array of interesting produce, products, news and much more.

From the comfort of your armchair you can browse, book and plan the perfect break for you and your dog. A fun holiday in Whitby really is at your fingertips.

Explore Whitby Where Dogs Are Welcome.

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Advertise your Whitby & Area Accommodation, Business, Attraction or Activity with Whitby Dog Friendly Holidays - High ranking Google since onset. (Number 1 Page 1 as we write). We urgently need more dog friendly accommodation.

Up to 6 categories for one realistic price - exceptional value for money

Whitby Dog Friendly Holidays Late Rooms Service (A dip in & out service)

We Don't Follow Sheep -We're Creative - Unique

We're Not Copy Cats - We're Diligent Dogs

Whitby Holiday Website Writer Services

Lead Bookings - New Service

This, together with diverse marketing, original, creative ideas and the drive and determination to put Whitby on the Dedicated Dog Friendly Map has given us high Google rankings. With us, you can be there too.

Whitby Web Words Service - Free Tweeks  To suck in and tempt flow of traffic to your website we are delighted to be able to offer a Free Tweek service to Whitby Dog Friendly Holidays advertisers who choose Classic Listing upwards. - Whitby Web Words also offers Holiday Website Writer Services using personal and appropriate wording throughout your website or listing with us.

OR we can write the Prime Home Page Copy for use on your description page. We will find your USP (unique selling point), if you have one. We can also suggest a USP where we think there is one, and deliver copy to attract your potential customers using our own successful marketing experiences and sound knowledge of the Whitby Holiday Industry. There is a charge of £50 for Home Page script designed to assist in drawing Google. This could possibly be the best business investment you have made to date.

Whitby Guest Book - Improve Bookings

Written testimonials and comments made by customers are one of the best ways of drawing in traffic. Why? Because it is a written form of "Word Of Mouth", and as we all know that is a very powerful marketing tool. So, think about adding it onto your website. Then, when you join us we can insert your business Under our Whitby Guest Book in the "Where To Stay Section" as well as our other categories that your business might fall under - and ALL for one chosen fee.

Lead Bookings

What are they? - We frequently get contacted for dog friendly accommodation. What we do then is check our listings and availability for the specific dates requested by the holidaymaker. We then contact owners who fit their criteria asking them if they want the booking. If they do, we pass all the information on to them and we take just 10% for our matching service time. You have full control of the booking from onset. We take no money from the holidaymaker or get involved further.You can use this service in addition to being advertised with us, where you take enquiries direct. It's just another dimension. If owners don't want the booking, we try elsewhere.

Join Us

Join us now. Your business will be showcased on Whitby's very own, exciting, interesting, up to the minute Dog Friendly Accommodation & Tourist Information website. A global Whitby window, channelled direct to your business...Advertising prices start from as little as £20 per year - see below or contact us.

Designed & Created Especially for Whitby

Created, designed and delivered by Whitby professionals who live here, know the people, the town, the area, run highly successful holiday accommodation and owned a dog for 17 years. What better marketing credentials could you ask for?


Your business will be advertised on a "Whitby" window. A Prime holiday area voted the best in the U.K. in 2006 and now drawing visitors of over 2.5 million people. Voted 3rd best UK holiday destination 2010.


Other Benefits

  • Page 1- 3 Google Ranking in Major relevant categories since onset
  • Personal Attention as a valued customer extended to our holidaymakers
  • Enquiries channelled direct to your website - no commission 
  • Stats monitored regularly identifying keywords and popular categories
  • Whitby Dog Friendly Holidays stats visits 6 times higher than accommodation we run not able to accept dogs - proves demand)
  • Crisp, Clear, Easy to Navigate
  • Wide Audience Appeal (6.8 million dog owners UK)
  • Global Window focused on Dog Friendly Whitby & Area
  • Interesting Topical Categories to draw Google
  • First Hand Insight - Nothing Manufactured - Our Own Creative Ideas
  • Whitby News & Events Hot Off The Press
  • Advertising packages from as little as 20 pence per day
  • Whitby Web Words (tweeking your script for high Google Rankings) 
  • Support from a driven, experienced, committed, Genuinely local company
  •  Regular updates incorporating current trends
  • Whitby Dog Friendly Late Rooms Home Page Listing £20 (4 weeks)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • PACKAGES - Listing Only    Classic     Premier    Platinum                                                                                                                      
  • Search Listing + Small Image of Yorkie
  • Name of accommodation or business
  • Telephone number                                               LISTING ONLY
  • Short Summary text
  • £25  
  • Extras (Own image, increased text on search listing + email address -  £20 annually    
  • Extras: Highlight your Late Deals on Home Page Prime Billing £20 (4 weeks)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Enhanced Search Ranking
  • No guaranteed position but on rotation in Enhanced Search
  • Search Listing + Small Image                              
  • 2 Large Images above main description
  • Name and address of establishment          
  • Telephone number  
  • Mobile Number                                                     CLASSIC
  • Email address
  • Website Link
  • Listing in All relevent catgories - value for money advertising
  • Whitby Guest Book (Customers Reviews if applicable)
  • Whitby Web Words Tweeks Free
  • PRICE £85.00 (NO VAT) per year (1 unit-multiple properties discount)
  • Extras: Highlight your Late Deals on Prime Home Page - £20 (4 weeks) 
  • Top Search Ranking
  • No guaranteed position but on rotation in Top Search
  • Search Listing & small image
  • 6 Large images on slideshow
  • Name and address of establishment
  • Telephone number
  • Email address                                                       PREMIER
  • Website Link 
  • Facilities highlighted
  • Tarrif (if you would like it)
  • Whitby Web Words Tweeks Free
  • Listing in All relevant categories - Value for money advertising
  • Whitby Guest Book (Customer Reviews if applicable))
  • PRICE £125.00 (NO VAT) per year (1 unit- multiple properties discount)
  • Extras: Highlight your Late Deals on Prime Home Page £20 (4 weeks)
  • Ultimate Ranking - Prime Home Page Billing
  • Seen Immediately - 1 click
  • Guaranteed Home Page advertising 
  • All Premier Contents Above                                     PLATINUM
  • PRICE £250.00 per listing (NO VAT) per year (1 unit-multiple properties discount please contact for details)
  • Guaranteed Position (1) 350 (2) 330 (3) 290

  • Guaranteed Top 3 Positions in Where To Stay - (1) £190 (2) £160 (3) £130
    *The charges above only apply for the top 3 rankings - as a matter of course advertisers are entered into relevent categories free of charge - apart from Home Page Whitby Dog Friendly Holidays Late Rooms*

  • ALL prices are held until 20th September 2015 - Upgrade at any time

  •  Please call us if you have any queries.  Discounts given for multiple listings. Call us on 01947 811264 or 0788 420 7455

  • K9 SUPREME - Whitby Dog Friendly Holidays Personal Booking Service for just 9 Whitby Dog Friendly Properties.

             We Offer

             Top Google Ranking (page 1 since onset)

             Free Prime Home Page Advertising to just 9 properties

             Unlimited Owner Bookings

             No Lock Ins

             Simple System

             Competative Commission (12% inc Free Home Page Billing)

             For K9 Supreme contact us as usual on 01947 811264 or email


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