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We know your Dog is a very important member of your family. Going on holiday without him just isn't an option . From experience and visitors feedback, we also know search and find dog friendly can be a long, tedious task. We decided to address this flaw for tourists who would like to bring their dog on holiday to Whitby.

Open For Dogs
Owners Welcome naturally!

We know there is a significant number of holiday accommodation here in Whitby where pets are welcome. So we have highlighted a variety just for you. We've also added an array of interesting produce, products, news and much more.

From the comfort of your armchair you can browse, book and plan the perfect break for you and your dog. A fun holiday in Whitby really is at your fingertips.

Explore Whitby Where Dogs Are Welcome.

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K9 Supreme Bookings Service


The contract is between the holidaymaker and the owner of the accommodation. We act as booking agents only.The booking is confirmed only when we acknowledge receipt of your booking payment to us (15%) If a booking is made within 8 weeks of the holiday date, then the full balance will be required. Once we have received your payment of 15% we will then pass all your details to the owner of the accommodation you wish to rent. Any queries or information should be made direct to the owner as the contract is now with yourselves and theirselves.


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Your deposit is automatically forefitted. You will then be subject to the owners' contract and terms and conditions of cancellations. We cannot stress enough the importance of taking out Holiday Insurance for your own peace of mind and security. If you have any queries regarding terms and conditions please ask before booking with us. If the property is not available due to an unexpected event or any other reason out of Whitby Dog Friendly Holidays, or the owners control, you will be offered alternative accommodation (if one can be found to suit your needs), or a full refund. Whitby Dog Friendly Holidays' responsibilty ends there

Your Faithful Friend

Please make sure you keep your dog under control to avoid any upsets during your holiday.

No Liability

Whitby Dog Friendly holidays accepts no responsibilty or liability whatsoever regarding any issue connected to the holidaymaker, their dog and the owner of the property rented. The contract is between the holidaymaker and the owner of the property. Please make sure before you book any property that you have satisfied yourselves that the property meets your needs and that of your dog. And you have raised and have had answered to your full satisfactory, any issues of concern