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We know your Dog is a very important member of your family. Going on holiday without him just isn't an option . From experience and visitors feedback, we also know search and find dog friendly can be a long, tedious task. We decided to address this flaw for tourists who would like to bring their dog on holiday to Whitby.

Open For Dogs
Owners Welcome naturally!

We know there is a significant number of holiday accommodation here in Whitby where pets are welcome. So we have highlighted a variety just for you. We've also added an array of interesting produce, products, news and much more.

From the comfort of your armchair you can browse, book and plan the perfect break for you and your dog. A fun holiday in Whitby really is at your fingertips.

Explore Whitby Where Dogs Are Welcome.

Disabled Plus


Whitby Dog Friendly Holidays hopes we can do everything possible to make your holiday in Whitby a pleasurable experience.

Disabled Access We will highlight properties with disabled or easy access, and knowing the town, we will guide you around and provide information that may ease some difficulties 

We realise however, disabilties are individual.  You must therefore, make up your own minds as to whether the information is helpful to your condition. Please do not attempt to do anything or go anywhere where you feel unable to cope drawing from your own experiences.

Getting Around - East Side

Church Street is a very popular street. Quaint and cobbled, it's traditional and busy. Cars are allowed up here.  The hustle bustle of crowds and your dog, if you take him, will test your patience in the height of season. Wheelchair and scooter users may also find the cobbles a bit of a bumpy ride.  That said, a lot of disabled people in scooters do ride on them, - again - it's up to you.  Quieter periods would be better maybe. Shops open around 10a.m, so you make like to bear that in mind. Crowds will dictate speed and access, but that applies to everyone.

Scoot Alongside Bobbing Boats

Chruch Street tails out from the cobbled area changing into a flat route towards Sptial Bridge. This maybe ideal for wheelchair or scooters users. It's quieter as you go further along here and may be a nice scoot for you as it's along the harbourisde and you can watch the bobbing boats and wildlife. There is a pub near Spital Bridge, The Middle Earth, that has outside benches where you may like to sit with your dog. You can have a nice chat with the locals and enjoy a cool drink.

Car Park

There is a council car park half way down Church Street.  If you are staying outside the town and driving in wanting to be in the Old Town, you may like to use this. Warning however - this car park is like gold dust. There is no guarantee of a space at any time - but early birds may stand more of a chance. A car park scenario may be a better way to negotiate getting in and out of vehicles to keep yourself safe. It may be wise to make a day of it and leave your car on the car park. Moving it, as locals will tell you, is really at your own risk. Getting another space maybe highly unlikely. If you are staying out of town, the best way is to drive over the new bridge and filter first left into Church Street. This route cuts the main town out.

West Side

Over the bridge to the West Side,  you can get around fairly easy on your wheelchair or scooter, it's more or less on the flat

Left after the bridge takes you towards the Grand Turk tall ship, the Co-Op, Railway Station and Coliseum cinema.  There is wheelchair access and a lift in the Coliseum and a tea and coffee bar.

Over the road, is the main shopping centre, Baxtergate, all on the flat. Cars are actually allowed in this area up to 10.30 a.m. so if you have a car, you can literally park outside the shops to save you walking. Again though, this gets very busy, so getting down early to avoid crowds is sensible if you can manage that. There are disabled car parking bays along the harbourisde if you can manage to secure one.  Do make sure you display your disabled badge and time of arrival. Traffic wardens in Whitby are hotter than volcanos!

Pier Road - Scoot Route

A good scoot route can be had along Pier Road. Really flat, leading to the pier itself, you will enjoy this. Great views of the sea, people and boat activities. It would be a lovely trip when it is less crowded, around dawn and dusk. Watch the whether conditions. Avoid wet, slippery surfaces and wrap up warm out of the summer months - though with Global Warming, this could be October!

Near the Lifeboat Station, just before the pier starts, there is the bandstand, where if you are lucky, you'll hear a brass band or two. The hill opposite, takes you up to West Cliff. This hill is quite steep again, but scooter and wheelchair users do venture up here, so it would be up to how you feel about tackling it.

West Cliff

West Cliff is flat apart from embankment areas - you should have not trouble here.There are lovely sea views to be seen along here. It's very invigorating and a popular area for everyone including people walking dogs. This is a great spot to be during Regatta or watching maritime traffic in general.  It can be a bit blowy, so wrap up warm.

Skinner Street leads off  Royal Crescent on West Cliff, and is lined with shops. There are two narrow pavements either side You can scoot along here - but traffic is tight, so you need to be very careful. There is a side road next to the church by Young's jewellers at the start of Skinner Street from the West Cliff area. You could avoid the crowds and traffic by nipping around the back into Silver Street, which then leads you onto another sloping Street, Flowergate. Again full of shops, estate agents, a supermarket, cafes and more.

Whitby DAG

Whitby Disablement Action group reside in Church House, just at the junction of Skinner Street and Flowergate. They have disabled parking right outside the door - and road parking. Again this is a very popular area and parking spaces are fought over. Whitby DAG are very good and will help you with disablement issues  Tel:- 01947 821001 for any help. Visit www.whitbydag.org.uk

They will also help you to hire scooters - go to  www.whitbydag.org.uk - you can arrange to have them picked up at the Tourist Board on Langbourne Rd. (check scooters suitable for your accommodation and can be stored safely) Langbourne Road is also on the flat. (Co-op is another landmark)


The Magpie and Trenchers, both have a lift. You may like to book, rather then just turn up.  Especially if you are in a wheelchair. Mention this when booking and you will be guided direct to your table I am sure. Both establishments are popular and have great harbourside views. There are of course a lot of very fine eateries in Whitby including Bothams tea rooms in Skinner Street, near West Cliff.  They have a stair chair, the restaurant being upstairs.

All eating establishments get very busy in Whitby. There are some very nice country pubs that you may like to try in the villages just outside the town. Aisalby and Egton being just two examples

Helpful Tip

We are aware leaving times of 10 a.m. might be a struggle for some people.  We can't speak for establishments of course. But we do know some holiday home owners may be able to extend departure times so you won't feel under pressure.  Why not ask if this is possible?. Owners will have schedules of course - but they may be able to accommodate you leaving a little later.

Enjoy Whitby

Try and keep yourself safe at all times.  Don't attempt anything you know you can't handle. An idea, if you carry a mobile phone is to put Whitby DAG's number in (given above).  You then have a point of contact should you need one. Enjoy Whitby and scoot safely.

*Ground Floor Accommodation*

Please visit River Esk Apartments www.river-esk-apartments.co.uk Seal View, if you need easy access accommodation. The lease unfortunately does NOT allow owners to bring their pet dogs, but is ideal for larger parties where some members may need easy access accommmodation. 

A Whitby harbourside apartment, Seal View is minutes from the town centre with parking right outside the door. There is  an external ramp into the main building,easy access doorways and spectacular waterside views.

Whitby Disabled Access Accommodation With Us

Whitby Dog Friendly Holidays clearly highlights Dog Friendly Disabled access properties held on the website.  We should point out however, holidaymakers will need to confirm with the owners whether or not properties are suitable for their particular restriction/s.


More Information on Disabled Plus

The Disability Discrimination Act exempts Assistance Dogs for the Disabled from normal no dog rules. It is the person that has the disability, not the dog, therefore the dog is vital. Working animals, not pets, Assistance Dogs enable a disabled ...