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We know your Dog is a very important member of your family. Going on holiday without him just isn't an option . From experience and visitors feedback, we also know search and find dog friendly can be a long, tedious task. We decided to address this flaw for tourists who would like to bring their dog on holiday to Whitby.

Open For Dogs
Owners Welcome naturally!

We know there is a significant number of holiday accommodation here in Whitby where pets are welcome. So we have highlighted a variety just for you. We've also added an array of interesting produce, products, news and much more.

From the comfort of your armchair you can browse, book and plan the perfect break for you and your dog. A fun holiday in Whitby really is at your fingertips.

Explore Whitby Where Dogs Are Welcome.

Whitby Town

Whitby is a picturesque fishing port on the North East coast of North Yorkshire, UK. The friendliness of the people, the spectacular coastline, the stunning heather clad moorland landscapes and the ability to blend in with the times, in keeping with tradition, are the key attractions to Whitby's enormous popularity.

Charming And Magical

Steeped in tradition, Whitby has an unrivalled charm.  Known as the "Haven twixt the heather and the sea", the town has a magical, haunting aura.  That mystique and the striking cliff top Abbey, inspired Bram Stoker to pen his famous novel, Dracula.

Dracula himself, according to Stoker, leapt of a doomed coffin cargo ship, Demeter, in the form of a black dog.  The dog raced up the famous 199 steps to the Abbey Graveyard. (read more about Dracula under Whitby)

Mick Hucknall, Simply Red's lead singer was also captivated and enticed by the beautiful Whitby Abbey on the East Cliff.  So much so, he shot his Holding Back The Years video here.  Proves the Abbey's appeal is timeless. Heartbeat was filmed in Whitby for many years.

East/West Divide

Whitby town itself is divided into the East and West Sides.  Brought together by the swing bridge.  Church Street, on the East Side, The Old Town, is cobbled and charming. Brimming with unusual shops, indoor and outdoor markets, cafes, bistros and restaurants. Some have outside seating where you can have a drink and dogs are welcome. You can watch the hustle bustle, then maybe go and check out the market stalls decked with delicious home made jams and cakes made with fresh Whitby produce.

Along slender ginnels, nestled beside Olde Worlde pubs, fishermens' cottages sit perched at differing levels. Oozing charm, they are popular haunts of tourists.  Tate Hill beach can be accessed from this area, and is popular with people out early with their dog.

Kippers and Cobbles

The Jet Heritage centre is at the top of Church Street near the 199 steps and is worth a visit. Henrietta Street further along, is home to Fortunes Kippers.  Climbing the cobbles is worth it just for the armoma from the smoke house, not to mention - the fantastic headland view. This area and Church Street in general has a very traditional aura.  Some would say it's True Whitby.  The atmosphere certainly whisks you off to another era and walking the cobbles in the moonlight, with lights dancing on the water is very romantic. It's worth mentioning Church Street is very popular and can get congested, so patience is a definate virtue here. Keeping your dog close and on a lead is necessary also.

West Side

Across the swing bridge to the left leads you to the Tourist Information. The Co-op is opposite. Whitby railway station is nearby if you fancy a chugg on the North Yorkshire Moors Steam Railways, and so is the Coliseum, a small cinema and internet cafe with refreshments available. Baxtergate, the main shopping area is opposite. With banks, building societies, every day essential shops and gifts shops. Golden Lion Bank leads off here into Flowergate. It's a bit of a steep climb, and can be accessed another way by coming down from West Cliff. You will discover a range of interesting shops here too.

Climbing Up

Walking further up the hill from Flowergate leads you onto Skinner Street.  Again on an incline but not as steep.  Antique shops, cafes, clothes shops, newsagents/stationers and  paint your own pottery shop can be found here.  This area then leads you onto West Cliff with stunning views of the sea.  This is a great spot to watch the popular Whitby Regatta an Red Arrows who are often part of the programme.  A theatre, small golf area and leisure centre are all along West Cliff.  Whitby Pavillion, also this way, has full information about forthcoming shows and events and tickets can be purchased from here.  The Whalebones are a short walk from the ticket office and are an awesome sight. Views are simply stunning.  There are plenty of seats to sit and sightsee with your dog and enjoy a locally made ice cream.

Pier Road

From the swing bridge turning right, takes you along Pier Road, which as its suggests leads you to the pier and beach. There are some nice cafes and bistros along here with outside seating where dogs are welcome. It's an ideal place to watch the maritime traffic and engage in the real feel of the fishing trade. Trips out to sea board along here too. The Endeavour, Captain Cook's replica ship allows dogs and is a vey enjoyable experience www.whitbyendeavour.co.uk. has more information.

Whitby Best Fish & Chips

The best fish and chips in the world are found in Whitby, we think anyway, and there are several takeaways and restaurants along Pier Road for you to taste fresh produce straight from the sea almost landing direct. Be warned - seagulls are partial to battered cod and chips.  It's not uncommon for them to swoop and lift a whole piece of cod from right under the nose of an unsuspecting visitor!

Strolling The Pier

Whitby pier is a great place for a stroll. Dogs love it too. There are plenty of benches to sit and watch the boats sail in and out of the harbour.  The views are stunning and stress can float away along here. A lot of people walk along here early morning and evening.  It's very relaxing and enjoyable at this time, being less crowded. Be wary of the whether conditions though.  The swell of the sea are warning signs.  It's not uncommon for huge waves to hit the pier and in really adverse conditions this can be a very dangerous situation and best avoided.  The lifeboat station is nearby, but prevention is better and safer than cure.

Dogs & Donkeys

The beach is accessed by the slipway, opposite Whitby lifeboat station. Dog owners will know there are restrictions and there are signs dotted around. Visit www.discoveryorkshirecoast.co.uk for futher information. Donkeys are found on this stretch too. Kids love the donkeys - they are a traditional seaside sight and fit in perfectly with the Whitby Traditions.


A twenty or so minute walk from Whitby beach straight along the coast takes you to the picturesque village of Sandsend.  Set in an idylic chocolate box valley setting, Sandsend has to be worth a visit. There are cafes and a pub with outdoor seating where dogs are welcome, as well as a top class restaurant, a few shops for essentials, and  Mulgrave Woods ideal for nature trailing. Dogs love it, (there are restricted days), and so will the whole family.

Whats On Whitby

Whitby's popular events are Whitby Regatta, the Red Arrows being a feature most years,Whitby Folk Week, Goth Weeks, 60's events held at Whitby Pavillion, Whitby War Week-end, Theatre Shows and much more. Whitby Pavillion has afternoon events including tea dances throughout the summer


Whitby Poem 

Whitby's magical, enchanting, steeped deep in history,

For those of us who love the town, it's the only place to be,

The bustling harbour with bobbing boats, some fishing, some for cruises,

Is just a taste of Whitby, for it's charm that this town oozes.


A bridge that swings divides the town - an east side and a west,

One doesn't beat another, they are both a treasure chest,

Church Street quaint and cobbled, is flanked on either side,

by tea rooms, shops and ginnels down which cottages are spied.


Fishermen, their trade and plight, rings loud in Church Street's ear

A shanty and a tale or two, in Whitby's oldest pubs you'll hear,

Strong, determined Whitby men, those known as Whitby Whalers

Risked there lives through ice and storm, none of them where failures


Whitby Whalebones stand in tribute to the Whalers hard and brave

For neither they, nor wife, would ever know, who the roaring seas would save,

Their goodbye kiss, the hug that's held, so tightly, more in fear

May well have been their final chance to hold their one so dear.


Whitby's bygone days remembered, Captain Cook, the ship Endeavour,

Bram Stoker and Count Dracula will stay with us forever.

Whitby and it's beauty, a tv location hunter's treat,

We've had Bob Hoskins, Gwyneth Paltrowe, Harry Potter and Heatbeat.


The Goths that flock to Whitby, attired from head to toe in black

May walk the trail of ghosts gone by, could Dracula come back?

Whitby Folk Week and Regatta, boat races, other shows

and of course, the top of billing, the awesome Red Arrows.


Popular with tourists, Whitby simply is the best

This awe inspiring pretty town, knocks the spots off all the rest.


Words By Pauline Foran


A Whitby Saying -


"There's the right way, the wrong way & the Whitby way"