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Captain Cook

Captain James Cook

Captain Cook was born in Cleveland in 1728 where he spent his childhood. He worked on his father's farm in Great Ayton, where he toiled and laboured until at the age of 16 he was an apprentice at a shop in Staithes, a small fishing village.

Cook seemed to be drawn to the sea, inspired by Staithes. Mingling with boat owners, his intention to join the Navy was born. He wanted life out on the ocean ways and to enhance the navigation skills he learned during his time in Staithes. His introduction to a man named John Walker, fuelled his seafaring passion, and Cook came to Whitby.

Cook And Whitby

Captain Cooks Ship YardA thriving fishing port, where shipbuilding was buoyant, Whitby, enthralled the emerging seafarer. The bustling harbour, filled with boats and larger vessels made great viewing. He seemed to be lured by the sea naturally and ached to be a competent seaman. Cook is said to have slept in a house in Grape Lane, owned by John Walker which now is a museum to Cook and worth a visit..

Cook's ability to command the sea was unquestionable and his first service aboard the Freelove, a ship that ferried coal. Walker recognised Cook's ability and enlisted him to fit out a new ships, the Three Brothers in 1747. 

Navy, Navigation & Newfoundland

Cook, even more determined to sail, studied navigation, nautical law and astronomy. He joined the navy and quickly rose to the rank of Captain.

The first ship under Cook's Control was Sally, where he piloted, navigated and kept the ship's log. He served on three other vessels before being appointed Marine Surveyor in Newfoundland.

Cook sailed up and down the coast in Newfoundland making surveys. In 1768 he sailed on his now famous ship the Endeavour, the Whitby built boat for his voyages of discovery. One of which was supposedly to observe the Transit of Venus, for his astronomy interest.

New Zealand, Australia

Setting sail to discover the hidden secrets of the South Pacific was Cook's real intention and in 1768 Cook sailed passed around Cape Horn. The following year he sailed to New Zealand and then east to Australia before finding his way back to Capetown and along the coast of Africa.

Cook returned to England in 1771 after conquering the high seas on the Endeavour. Cook is famed to have sailed on two other Whitby ships, the Resolution and the Adventure.

A replica ship, The Endeavour, came to Whitby in 1997 and docked here for some time. The Grand Turk is now docked in its place.

Whitehall Landing - Cook's Old Shipyard

A recently new apartment block , Whitehall Landing, built in 2004, now stand proudly on the spot where Cook spent many a happy maritime hour. (See image above).

There is a commerative plaque in Cook's honour, nestled between two buildings in the dry dock area.  This area, grassed and segregated by bollards,  is an historical reminder of  this great local navigator's love of the sea.

Visit www.cookmuseumwhitby.co.uk for further information

Visit www.captaincook.org