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Welcome to your dog friendly holiday in Whitby

We know your Dog is a very important member of your family. Going on holiday without him just isn't an option . From experience and visitors feedback, we also know search and find dog friendly can be a long, tedious task. We decided to address this flaw for tourists who would like to bring their dog on holiday to Whitby.

Open For Dogs
Owners Welcome naturally!

We know there is a significant number of holiday accommodation here in Whitby where pets are welcome. So we have highlighted a variety just for you. We've also added an array of interesting produce, products, news and much more.

From the comfort of your armchair you can browse, book and plan the perfect break for you and your dog. A fun holiday in Whitby really is at your fingertips.

Explore Whitby Where Dogs Are Welcome.

Whitby Holistic

If you've come on holiday to Whitby to relax and de - stress, maybe a good way to go to achieve that is to try some holistic healing therapies while you are here.

What Is Holistic Healing?

Holistic Health is not a method of treatment, but an approach to how treatment should be applied. It uses mind body and spirit. In other words emotional and spiritual well being, along with the physical components to give the perfect balance.


The aim is to heal the person as a whole, not just treat the physical problem. Holistic healing concentrates on the cause of the problem, not the problem itself.

Through an understanding of the entire self, including how lifestyle can impact on health, you can set bespoke practices which you are in control of. If you think stroking a cold block of rose quartz helps boost happy endorphins, how can that be argued? It's all about you and your perception. The medical profession on many levels now seems to recognise this fact.

Mumbo Jumbo

What was once taboo in the general medical practitioner world, frowned upon perhaps as mumbo jumbo, now has a place of recognition, to the point of holistic referrals being made by some doctors. A point to mention here is when you see your conventional provider, your visit may take 10 to 15 minutes. An Holistic healer with take up to an hour to find out more about you even before any treatments commence.


Whether holistic healing is still dubbed as - a load of old codswallop,- by some, really doesn't matter. The mind, having the power it does, determines what we think, and it's your mind that influences or should influence you to come to a decision, though you must be guided by a qualified practitioner.


Despite some myths, Holistic Healing isn't all about being shaven headed, dressing in a toga and chanting to the tinkle of windchimes. It's true music can be a big part in zen, if that is what you call it. It's also a fact waterfalls, ebb and flow of tides and pan pipes do make you feel calmer. So if Metallica floats your boat your'e in for a shock. The only heavy rock in Holistic Healing is the solid, crystallised form.

Interested Now?

Hippy dress and flip flops aside, there is a fundamental importance to Holistic Healing if it's right for you. The whole family can become involved, even your dog. Some holistic categories are:-

Aromatherapy, natural diet, exercise, counselling, herbal remedies, homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, bodywork, energy based therapies, prayerful intention,  Chinese medicine and much more.