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We know your Dog is a very important member of your family. Going on holiday without him just isn't an option . From experience and visitors feedback, we also know search and find dog friendly can be a long, tedious task. We decided to address this flaw for tourists who would like to bring their dog on holiday to Whitby.

Open For Dogs
Owners Welcome naturally!

We know there is a significant number of holiday accommodation here in Whitby where pets are welcome. So we have highlighted a variety just for you. We've also added an array of interesting produce, products, news and much more.

From the comfort of your armchair you can browse, book and plan the perfect break for you and your dog. A fun holiday in Whitby really is at your fingertips.

Explore Whitby Where Dogs Are Welcome.

Christmas Shopping In Church Street Whitby

Christmas Shopping in Church Street - Whitby

- If you fancy unique gifts, arts and crafts, historical Whitby Jet Jewellery, and you don't want to be pushed, poked, squashed or trod on in the process, then why not book a short break in Whitby and shop by the sea? Soak up the atmosphere in one of Whitby Dog Friendly Accommodations and enjoy. You might even catch Dracula doing a bit of "Late Night " Shopping. Here are just a few ideas.          


Whitby Christmas - Delights Of Days Gone By

Christmas by the sea in Whitby is a totally different experience to being in a city. The town's Christmas lights adorn the streets and twinkle on the water's edge in magical style. The large white Polar bear across Whitby's swing bridge on the East side is lit up and stands proud as a Christmas sentry figure high above the bridge welcoming shoppers to shop till they drop. There's no uniformed shops all selling the same thing, like a typical high street where major chain stores like to locate. No, in Whitby, you amble not scramble. Here, you can gaze into the windows reminiscent of Days Gone By where Christmas Shopping was a pleasure, at leisure, where time was taken to choose that special gift for that particular person, instead of grabbing a handful of the same items that "make do" for everyone and dash to the checkout in one mad panic.


Boats Sail By As You Buy

Imagine yourself and maybe children, cold nosed,all muffled up walking over Whitby's Swing Bridge together and watching boats sail by as you head off to to the shops, decked out for Christmas. How wonderful is that? If it's a crisp day, you can alway nip in and have a hot chocolate with marshmallows at one of Whitby's tea rooms or cafes. There's nothing nicer than cupping your hands around a piping hot drink in the winter is there? And just think, you haven't barged your way through huge departments of a high street store and played sardines on escalators to find the restaurant. If its an adults excursion, you may prefer a glass of mulled wine punch. The Dolphin pub on Bridge Street generally offers that at Christmas. Whitby hardy folk, drink outside and have a chat. If you can hack the weather, it's more fun.


Church Street - Cobbles - Whitby Jet

Church Street is a fascinating cobbled street by day. By night and especially at Christmas it is simply wonderful. You really don't believe you are in a street.

The character of the shops intertwinned with ginnels hiding quaint fishermens' cottages is sublime. The Whitby Jet Jewellers shops, 5 on this side at last count, are adorned with the most stunning Whitby Jet jewellery, which as it's names suggests is a natural Whitby product found on the shorelines around Whitby's Coast. Even Bond Street jewellers can't lay claim to that. This fabulous natural jet is soughtafter by visitors from all over the world and is a popular "Special" gift. www.whitbyjetstore.com


Captain Cook & Endeavour Gifts   

Not only does Jet jewellery make a beautiful gift, it is historic and will always remind whoever owns it of the enchanting town of Whitby. There are several other Jet Jewellers in Whitby with equally stunning pieces. Go in and browse for yourselves. Buying a present from it's place of origin, Whitby, can't get more special than that. The jewellers also sell other great gifts for men including porcelain "pill" caskets with images of Whitby that include Captain Cook and his famous ship Endeavour. Don't forget ladies, men love jewellery too though, so maybe a ring in Jet? Goths, both men and women, love Jet so why not have a "His" & "Hers" Special? Don't think they do Jet adorned collars for dogs yet. Now there's an idea.


Whitby Chocs Away

If it's a taste of Whitby you are looking for to put under the tree, go to Justins Chocolatier, again on Church Street. Delicious home made chocolates and fudge ideal for all tastes. Captain Cook's Cannon Balls being one variety. On Line too. Visit www.justinchocolate.com for a great selection. Guys, this would be a good site to visit on Valentine's Day too. Maybe deliver them swashbuckling style if you really want to impress that special someone. If you book a Valentine's break by the sea here in Whitby, you can get away dressing as a pirate, don't think you could in Times Square?


Teddies -  Gifts - All Things Mice

Rumors on Church Street is what you might call a Dickenzian looking shop. It's packed with teddies and gifts and has a particulary lovely section of ornate mice gifts that are very appealing as well as Beatrix Potter gifts, Jellycat soft toys, cards, scarves, electric tea lights in various guises and much more. The shop is small, but very interesting and you need to spend a bit of time mooching as you could miss something. It's very different and most things in there make you smile. More expensive teddies here too.


Ruby Tuesdays

This is a favourite shops of girls, small and bigger. The shops sells delightful hairbands, bracelets with gingerbread men, owls, bows, overnight bags, satchels, purses, wallets and more. Windows displays are fabulous here with jewellery and trinkets adorning the windows in a mass of inviting colour. Presents here can be stocking fillers or one of the mains. Girls eyes will light up Christmas morning, there's no doubt. The good news is if you can't get to Whitby, you can buy on line. Visit www.rubytuesdayswhitby.co.uk


Gift World

Sitting beside the swing bridge on Bridge Street is Gift World. The shop has 2 large front windows with huge dispalys of gifts and items for the home. The ground floor level sells curios, doorstops, pens, cushions, clocks, cookware, lampshades, tin wall art, mugs, cups, vases and a host of other possible gift items.

Upstairs, furniture and lamps are the main items with canvas and metal wall art and mirrors. There are a variety of table lamps and unusual floor lamps ideal to adorn any home. Needlepoint wall hangings of nautical and country themes add interest.

This shop is very popular and attracts people of all ages. It is definately a shop to mooch round. Look left, right and up so you don't miss a thing. Don't forget what's hanging on the pillars, also.


Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin is next door to Gift World. As the name suggests, the shop has a nautical theme. Sea Art is popular in here but the shop also sells a huge selection of games such as chess, drafts and compendiums. Ideal for Christmas Day entertaining the whole family. You may get a little extra surprise if you are near this area from time to time during the day. The swing bridge closes by the sound of a bell to let sea traffic through. It's a great sight and people are compelled by it. You may spend more than you would like if this happens, depending on how many Whitby fishing boats and yachts go through, so be prepared.


There's More

These are just a taster of what Whitby has to offer. There's also the shops in Whitby Market Square, again in Church Street. Further great shops can be found dotted all over Whitby including Skinner Street, Flowergate, Golden Lion Bank, Baxtergate and Pier Road. Don't forget to check out our Shopping Section - Enjoy.....